Darte cuenta de que hallaste amor incondicional… una vez que se ha ido.

Starry sky

I don’t want to dance alone in the starry sky.


I want to hold someone so close to me, I want to lean my head on his shoulder to let me be. I want to see his face and realize the truth among all those love letters, movies and life. Finally realize that I am free of my burden and in our freedom, we chose each other. He will be my love and my heart will always belong to his and everything I do will start and finish with him… fall in pieces for a kiss, for his breath. Nothing in this world would be like that, he will be so loved that he will feel like he is reborning in my arms.

And if I feel all of this without knowing you, I can not imagine, I can not dream what life will be when finally I get to be with you.

Please come soon and don’t let me hide and lose myself in the hell I create from my fears.

Please come soon and don’t let me alone in the starry sky.