I love you

The first time I thought I loved you was when you were about to kiss me and my hand went through your blonde hair. Then the sensation of your lips on mine let every possible thought out.

The second time I thought I loved you was when I was sitting waiting for the bus. You spent the night and when I woke you up, you didn’t open your eyes but smiled at me. I kissed your cheek and then you hugged me. The memory made me shudder. I could even feel my cheeks blushing. It was not the moment to have those ideas in mind.

The third time I thought I loved you, first I was thinking in your eyes. We were lying down together on my bed after waking up. We had been trying to get up for at least one hour but it was fine, there was not reason to rush and the time was infinite. I saw your eyes looking at me, I caressed your hair and told to myself “I think I love this guy”. Your eyes were blue at that moment with the sun reflection and my mind recited inside “your pupil is blue and when you smile…”. I thought again “I think I love him, I do”. I felt like I could melt in your arms and I smiled at you because there was nobody who could make feel in the way you did. Nobody… lost in the sensations of you being close to me, you said my name and… there was no other possible answer that “I love you too”.



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