I could just be happy with the sound of your voice. That’s the reality. I would have been happy just looking at you. My vision of life was different.

I had those dreams about holding you, I was just in love of the idea of me loving you unconditionally, I wanted to be the best for you… to be the only person you could rely on. I wanted to be the person who would recall you who you were when the time went bad. I had in my mind a life with you. But in some moment I started to have these crazy dreams about seeing Paris with my own eyes, drinking in front of the Seine and I pictured you there with me, holding me so tight we supposed to conquered this world.

To be honest, I would have stopped if you had asked for it. You took your side and then I smiled at the vision of the lumières in the called “the city of love”… But I wanted to let you know that… I could have stopped if you had asked, I could have been happy with the sound of your voice in the morning and the sight of a life with you.