Take my heart out. Please take it. Embrace it among your fingers, it’s now yours.

Let me leave in that state, let me live without that part of me that always killed me from the inside. Keep it with you and it’s gonna love you forever, as a friend, as a lover, as an eternal love. I always wanted to give you that. But if you don’t want it, trash it, sell it, destroy it; don’t let it one second to bother you as it bothered me along the years.

I’m sorry for bothering you this last time, I have never been able to kill it myself.

Thank you.


Couldn’t have been beautiful to have someone to love?

Couldn’t have been beautiful to feel thankful for having him in my arms?

Couldn’t have been beautiful to let all the feelings of despair, I have kept with me, go?

Couldn’t have been beautiful to find home in his presence?

To caress the idea of looking at his green eyes without fear… to adore his smile till madness, to bless every part of him… Couldn’t have been beautiful…?

But here I am with my vain hopes remaining me reality in my darkness.